About Coface

Helping businesses grow

Our role is to facilitate global and local trade by offering solutions that assist and protect business decision-makers in their choices.

Making trade happen with Coface
  • We provide support in non-payment risk prevention and cover as a credit insurer 
  • We supply high-added-value intelligence to inform decision making on commercial matters, coupled with a strong expertise in debt collection,
  • We help our clients gain in-depth knowledge of their prospects, customers, and suppliers by assessing their financial health and reliability,
  • We forecast key economic trends and analyse risks in various markets and industries.
To work at Coface is to contribute to building, developing, and promoting this unique micro- and macro-economic expertise, and providing day-to-day support to a wide variety of businesses in their decision-making and commercial strategies.

What our Happeners say about it

Rafael works at Coface


One of our clients had a buyer whose credit limit was refused, jeopardising this commercial relationship. Thanks to Coface's monitoring, the buyer's credit rating (Debtor Risk Assessment) was updated, which allowed the approval of new amounts.

The insured was thus able to strengthen its relationship with its customer and boost its business thanks to better payment conditions.


Rafael A., Coface Global Solutions Sales Manager - Coface Brazil



Our main goal during the COVID-19 pandemic was to stay very close to our clients. Our teams began working remotely literally overnight, and we increased touchpoints for our clients and partners with additional calls, webinars, and written communication.

It was very helpful for them to navigate the uncertain environment, as we shared our views on the evolving economic situation and credit risks, while also carefully explaining our decisions.


Oscar Villalonga – CEO of North America Region

Katrin works at coface


Everyone has less and less time each day, while the amount of information we receive is increasing all the time. We share a lot of written information with our customers, but to ensure that they don't miss out on important information, a video - or a digital event - is very useful. The customer can then be assured that we are sharing all relevant information with them and they are able to get direct answers to their questions.


Katrin B., Data Process Marketing & Communications Manager, Coface Germany

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