About Coface

Our history

The Coface group has contributed since its establishment to the performance and growth of businesses.

While becoming more and more international, the Coface group has contributed since its establishment to the performance and growth of businesses of all sizes worldwide, and to building and conveying a climate of trust among economic players.
  • Establishment of Coface, a French company specialising in export credit insurance.
  • Start of international expansion. Gradual development of the network in new countries, most notably Germany and Austria in 1991 and UK and Italy in 1992.
  • Creation of Coface Partner, a worldwide network of insurance companies, business information agencies, multiline insurance companies and factoring companies.
  • Establishment of Intercredit Bratislava spol. s r.o., offering business information, legal and extrajudicial collection.
  • Coface privatised. The Group continues to handle public guarantees on behalf of the French State.
  • Coface entry into Intercredit Bratislava spol. s.r.o.
  • Coface becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of Natixis, the financing, asset management and financial services arm of the BPCE Group, France’s second largest banking group.
  • Coface starts offering insurance claims in Slovakia
  • Activities refocused on credit insurance, its traditional core business.
  • Direct presence in 66 countries.
  • Guarantees delivered in nearly 200 countries.
  • Launch of Coface Global Solutions (a set of services aimed at multinationals) and Top Liner (complementary cover to the classic credit insurance).
  • Coface with new logo and CI
  • Launch of website in new layout
  • Success of the Coface IPO on the regulated market of Euronext Paris. As of July 2nd 2014, the resulting shareholding is as follows: Public: 58.50%; Natixis: 41.24%; Employees: 0.26%.
  • Direct presence in 67 countries
  • Guarantees delivered in nearly 200 countries
  • Launch of EasyLiner, CofaServe, CofaNet Policy Master, Express Credit Limit and Dashboards
  • Re-Launch of InfoIcon
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  • English