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Debt Collection

Increase your liquidity

Increase your liquidity

Debt Collection is a key aspect of credit risk management. Coface concentrates on these time-consuming and frustrating procedures. This allows companies to focus on their core activities. Moreover, the involvement of a third party accelerates the collection process. We therefore help to lower risk, increase liquidity, improve cash flow and return on capital employed, which leads to an enhanced credit assessment for our clients. 

Four good reasons to choose Debt Collection:

  • Local and international B2B debt collection
  • Both pre-legal and legal collection possible
  • Focus on your core activities
  • Close contact with debtors through physical presence of Coface correspondents in all CEE countries
Flexible and adaptable, since Coface offers:
  • Local and international B2B collection of undisputed debts
  • Collection workflows adapted to debt, debtor and customer characteristics
  • Order placement, monitoring of collection steps, status reports and statistics online via DCON
Acceleration of the collection process through:
  • Legal advise and actions by specialised in-house or partner attorneys
  • An efficient automated recovery management system for collection of low amount debts
  • Electronic exchange between our clients’ systems and DCON for large volumes of data

The standard collection measures include reminder service, telephone intervention, personal visits and payment schedule negotiations.


 Our experts are supported by our online debt collection database (DCON), and by up-to-date information from our information database (ICON) covering more than 12 million companies in CEE. 
As an online user, our clients enjoy a number of advantages:
  • Order placement, status reports and statistics via ICON
  • Overview over case portfolio handled by Coface Central Europe offices
  • Online monitoring of collection steps (reminder service, telephone intervention, personal visits and payment schedule negotiations)
  • Direct communication with Coface Central Europe case workers
  • Electronic exchange between your systems and our online collection database for large volumes of data

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Collect your debts online - CofaNet Debt Collection

CofaNet Debt Collection - Online application

Our secure online tool CofaNet Debt Collection simplifies and speeds up the collection process while taking advantage of our worldwide expertise and network. Manage your outstanding debts 24/7.



- Last updates on debt collection cases and status reports at any time
- Easy online creation of new cases

- Online monitoring of collection steps

- Overview of case portfolio incl. online view and download option for statistics and reports
- Bulk upload for multiple debts
- Direct communication with debt collection officers

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