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Policy Master

The online solution that reminds you on deadlines and manages limits more efficiently

Your advantages: 

  • Save time in managing your credit insurance policy. 
  • While increasing automation, you keep full control over decisions. 
  • Reduce the risk of mismanaging your policy: you optimize coverage, you avoid missing deadlines and making potentially costly mistakes. 
  • As top manager, you are provided reassurance on the quality of policy management by your operational Teams.
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CofaNet Policy Master will help you to manage your credit insurance contract more efficiently. Just upload due invoices and CofaNet Policy Master will match the real outstanding balances with the credit limits.


Based on this analysis, CofaNet Policy Master provides you with a real vision of your exposure to customer related risks and suggests appropriate actions.

CofaNet Policy Master brings peace of mind in your policy Administration
With CofaNet Policy Master you will never miss a deadline! CofaNet Policy Master notifies you when invoices are overdue, deadlines are reached (Notification of Overdue Account / Request For Intervention) or when credit limits are inconsistent with the actual outstanding amount.

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