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Coface Adriatic/Balkan Top 50 - 2018 Edition

Coface Adriatic/Balkan Top 50 - map of region

Last year saw solid economic activity in the Adriatic/Balkan region. However, this did not apply to all countries. Macedonia’s growth was zero as investors’ confidence contracted due to the political crisis evidenced by street protests and clashes in parliament. Last year was also a disappointing period for Serbia, where a challenging time for the agriculture sector and a weaker than expected recovery of investments delivered 1.8% GDP growth. Nevertheless, other Adriatic/Balkan countries enjoyed a fair rate of economic expansion with the Slovenian economy growing by 5%.

The largest companies in the region took advantage from the economic growth and grew themselves by an impressive 17.0%, with Slovenian companies profiting the most (+22.6%). However, in the country ranking, Croatia took the lead as the home country for most companies (17). Overall net profits increased by 6.7% in 2017 and employment by 2.0%.

The Coface Credit Assessment (@rating score) indicates the probability of default for a single company and shows a low risk of doing business with the largest companies in the Adriatic/Balkan region with an average score of 6.6.


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  • Coface Adriatic/Balkan Top 50 Overview
  • Economic Outlook
  • Coface Adriatic/Balkan Top 50 Ranking


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